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The Concept

Nege & Ju is a unique concept unlike any Globally where the restaurant imbibes the spirit of duality in totality. Quite simply Nege & Ju are two restaurants in a single space. Everything at the restaurant adopts this fun, dual concept - starting with its name. It translates to 9 & 10 (the shop numbers that house the restaurant in Lodhi Colony Market) - Nege means 9 in Afrikaans and Ju translates to number 10 in Japanese. Restaurant splits among its two identities by the clock and between day and night. Nege is the day identity of the space and the multi-faceted bistro-style restaurant serves a modern, upscale European menu for lunch in an easy going, relaxed, yet vibrant setting. While, Ju is the more edgy, younger avatar that comes to life at night, wherein the menu changes to modern Asian and the setting is of a contemporary, chic and trendy restaurant.
Overall the restaurant offers an unparalleled experience and both Nege & Ju promise to come together to enthral your senses alike.

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A unique dining experience

The switch-over

European being served exclusively by day, and Asian exclusively at night. Thus ensuring that everything will be freshly prepared only for that meal.

  • 9 - 10, Market, Block 8, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
    New Delhi